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96 Explorer ABS Problem

glad you got it working. yep using a meter in "different ways" will usually get you something. Anyways, for what it is worth, IF you measure a resistance of a "thing" and there is a voltage happening somewhere in the circuit, the readings could be anything as the meter is trying to apply voltage to take the reading and the circuit is also have some voltage in it trying to do some thing... the resulting effort by the meter which "thinks" it only applied "x volts" will be mostly random. Anyways, again the good news is you prevailed.... great.

Since the problem is taken care of this is for the next time, use the ohm meter to check resistance when the wheel is stopped and set your multimeter to ac volts or frequency to test the sensors while the wheel is turning for the most predictable readings. Of course as we have seen sometimes doing it the "wrong" way can still help.