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'98 Sport iPod integration?

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February 24, 2006
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'98 Sport
Hey everyone,

First of all, I apologize if this subject has been beaten to death. I did search around and found some good info and links, but I still have some questions specific to my model and stereo. I found a DIY link in the "iPod hardwired" thread very helpful. However, it was referring to a stock stereo system with the 6 disc changer. I do not have this system, and am not sure if it would work. So before I take apart my dash, if figured I'd post here. ;)

Heres what I want to do:

Plug my iPod directly into the stock stereo. I've had 2 tape adaptors fail. I recently got an FM transmitter (Griffin iTrip) which is a pure piece of crap. So I want to go direct.

Here's what I have:

98 explorer sport with the stock stereo (No CD changer).
Ipod Nano 4gig.

Can I get an adaptor that will allow me to either hardwire my iPod into the stereo?
Or can I run an aux input line so I can plug in my iPod nano?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I haven't found any good way to run an I pod besides to have it directly liked to the stereo and controled thru your CD changer controls. I just ordered the I pod interface for my Kenwood. Give me till mid next week and I'll let you know what it actualy sounds like and whatnot. I use my I trip in my work truck but the headphone jack broke out of the plastic so I had to epoxy it back in. Like I said, I'll post it and let you know, as of now I've heard mixed things about the Kenwood interface.