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A/C stopped working. :(


December 17, 2004
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Justin, TX
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1994 XLT
Yesterday I tried my A/C for the first time in a couple weeks. (1994 XLT) - when I press the button, I don't hear the compressor come on or anything.

1) Is there anything specific that I can check for?
2) How much do A/C repairs usually run?

I just moved so my Chiltons guide is in a box somewhere. :(

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If your compressor doesn't come on, try checking the connector on the topside of the compressor. Its a little clip on power plug. Good place to start, do the simple stuff first.

Get someone inside turning on the AC and you get out and watch the compressor to see if the clutch engages or for any action at all.

Did you have th dash apart at all recently? On the AC/Heater controls if you pull the unit out there is a very very small bypass lever that I have no idea what its for other than to disable the AC - but its almost spring loaded so when you take your finger off it pops back up allowing AC to come on.

Why do I know the last part? after just having my AC converted to new refridgerant days before I put in a stereo - when I placed everythign back into the dash my AC didn't work. Turns out some cabling/wires were pushing down on that lever...I never would have known what it was. (This was on a 93 X I had before the one I have now)

anyways, thats a couple of places to start....

Cool, I'll check that out. I didn't take the dash apart, but the Explorer was bouncing around quite a bit on the last trip. Maybe something came loose.

The orange "A/C" light comes on when I press the button, though. ;)

Before you get all excited, it is likely nothing more than a low charge. If you jumper the low pressure switch on the accumulator and the clutch starts, that's it - yer low on refrigerant. Don't start tearing into anything just yet when the obvious answer has not yet been ruled out.

the truck bouncin around wouldn't have done anything to that switch so don;t bother taking that out to look at it.

Like Glacier said as well, go for the easy stuff first before worrying about AC repairs etc :)