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ABS light won't go off


April 22, 2002
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Willow Springs, NC
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97 XLT
I have a 94 Ranger 4banger
A lady pulled out in front of me and I had to slam on brakes to keep from hitting her. Since then the ABS light and the Brake light stay on all the time.

I checked the brakes out, and had to replace the rear shoes, it was time, and noticed one of the springs had come loose. I installed the new shoes and everything seems to be fine, but the lights won't go off.

The truck stops fine.
Any advice?


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Have you tried disconnecting the neg battery cable for a few minutes? Maybe the computer needs to reset.

On my old ranger this used to happen all the time. Check your ABS fuse in the fus box. I just had to replace this and everything was fine from then on. You probably blem the fuse.

thanks guys

I did disconnect the battery, and I think I checked the fuse, I may replace it anyway. I didn't know if I may have messed up a wheel cylinder somehow or something, being it was the back brakes, they don't grab that much when braking anyway.

thanks again

Is it a 4wd?

If so switch in to 4wd and then out...that should reset the computer

nah, 2wd

as weak as it is, I couldn't drive it if it was a 4wd ;-)

when i just bought my ranger a couple of months ago it did the same thing! ABS works fine and the parking brake wasnt set either, and i couldnt get the light off so i just replaced the bulbs with blown ones! they arent on now!

I may try that

as a last resort.