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AC compressor not coming on.


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August 10, 2015
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2006 Eplorer XLT
Just bought a 2006 Explorer xlt and have no AC. Checked under the hood and the compressor is not turning.

Assumed it was low Freon so I jumped the low pressure switch and it still doesnt turn.

However if I jump the relay it does come on, so I know the compressor works. So something isnt sending a signal to turn on, or some other sensor is stopping it from coming on. Does anyone have any ideas?:scratch:

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What is the low side pressure at? Unless you know that it has a good charge, it is a bad idea to just jump the low pressure switch. Once you verify that it has a good charge, then I would verify that there is power going to the low pressure switch. It sounds like it isn't getting any power to me based on what you were able to do which indicates that you possibly have an issue with the temperature control sensor not sending power to the low pressure switch.

When I jumped the relay and the compressor was turning I put in a can of freon. I know the dial on a can of freon is not 100% accurate but its in the green so I know it has refrigerant in it now.

Still the compressor wont come on with the low pressure sensor plug jumped. I
thought there may be a problem with the plug but I checked the two leads and there is continuity so I assume thats ok.

Where is the temp control sensor, and is there a fuse that goes with it? How should I check it.

(forgot to mention I swapped the AC clutch relay with the fog light relay because they are identical and the fog lights work with both so im sure the realys are ok)

Back track the two wires at the low pressure switch and I believe it should end somewhere under the dash near the glove box where the temperature switch is. Also, pull the manual and check all fuses associated with the HVAC system.

hi guys im new to these forums and i need some help with my 2010 ford explorer eddie bauer v6 4x4. it involves the air conditioner. in the front the ac works great, super cold however on drives longer than an hour the air stops coming out of the vents but you can still hear the fan blowing air its really weird and i cant seem to find a forum with this problem. i also have a second problem with the ac, in the rear the ac works but only on the bottom vents, the top vents just blow warm air. if anyone is able to help me, or send me to the forum that would be very helpful thanks in advance.

I swapped in a new LP sensor and connector. It looks like the one wire from the LP connector goes to the middle bundle of wires on the right, the other is a ground.


I hooked up a multi tester to the socket that holds the compressor relay and it's not getting 12 volts when I turn the AC on. If I jump the socket with a paper clip it comes on and puts out cold air so everything looks like it works.

The problem seems to be the relay isnt being energized. Can anyone look at these schematics and figure out what is supposed to energize the relay? I think I need to work backwards from there.




There has got to be a temperature control sensor/switch somewhere that is wired in to control the low pressure switch, but I am not seeing it in your diagrams. The black/yellow wire traces to the PCM, but I have not placed the yellow wire yet in your diagram (only seeing it as a communication wire between the front and rear which doesn't make sense at all). It looks like the PCM controls the low pressure switch so you could pull the connector that has the black/yellow wire in it, clean it, and plug it back in to see if that helps. In this case I am honestly thinking that you need to take it to a specialist to find out if a temperature sensor still controls the low pressure switch like the older setups do if you cannot find it on the HVAC box under the dash.

The Chilton manual covers years 02-10, and it says the 03' is the last year for the AC schematic. I find that hard to believe, so I got a legit Ford schematic manual for the 2006 year Explorer and Mountaineer.

This IS the schematic for my explorer, the wire colors even match the Low pressure switch so I know this is as accurate as it will get. So take a look at these and see if you can see anything.

The third image seems to be the money image but what do I know.




P.S. I now have a legit schematic manual for the 2006 model year so if anyone needs a specific schematic I can scan it!

I'm having the same problem. Please scan the image and post it here.