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Advice on guages needed.


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October 6, 2001
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'98 Mountaineer
I am getting ready to install a nitous pressure guage and a boost guage in a dual pillar pod. So what do you all think, phantom guages or carbon fiber? Pics of my truck in my sig.

carbon fiber would look good, if you've got other carbon stuff in there. like the gauge panel bezel, or some other carbon fiber guages. if not, i would just go with the phantoms. were did you get your dual guage pillar mount pod thing? and how much? thanx.

the world of summit!

Autometer makes the dual pods for late model explorers and rangers and I order mostly everything from My truck has been featured in their catalog a number of times :D

Here's an idea, if you are like me, go to their website and do a search for Ford Explorer... ton's of goodies!

(They had a conferr roof rack for $180 on there)

SWEET! And that is cheap, too. Go with Phantom, that is what I am ordering, needed a spot for my tranny temp anyways. ;)