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Air Intake Whistling noise

The whistling noise will occur when an aftermarket intake is installed on almost any vehicle. It is simply the result of the aftermarket intake being paired with the stock throttle body, and is not harmful in any way. The difference in the inner diameters of the two parts leads to the noise. The solution is to either ignore the noise or to buy an aftermarket throttle body that better matches the intake.

Well, I don't have an aftermarket intake. Mine is completely stock, and it makes the whistling noise, so while I get what you're saying, it's not the complete explanation.

Actually the solution for the noise problem is to look at the IAC valve. Take the plastic cap off and remove the fiber disks inside. The noise will go away. It is that simple because I did it on mine and presto, no whistling!

There is no IAC valve on 2004 and later 4.0 explorers. It went away when they added the electronic throttle. The Idle air control function is now done by adjusting the position of the main throttle plate via the electronic actuator.

The older 4.0s certainly did have a whistling noise related to carbon build-up on the IAC valve, but the whistling noise on the later models is caused by something else in the throttle body.

Anybody have a solution for this yet? I honestly can't drive without the windows rolled up and music turn up or I will go insane. Someone has to know how to fix this.

same problem in my 07 Ford Explorer V6...

I read this thread last night and thought to myself "not me right?! hahaha" but sure enough this morning on my way to work I listened for it just for ***** and giggles and sure enough mine does have a very high pitched whistling noise. I usually am listening to music so i doesnt effect me much at all. My intake is all stock along with everything else on my truck. Im going to throw a beefier exhaust on it so i figure i wont be able to hear it at all after that (not that it bothers me much at all anyway, im in a band and have already have hearing problems lol).

I could be WAY off but i think it has something to do with the stereo. Like i said i could be WAAAAYYYY off but i remember having my stereo set to the aux input (still stock head unit) and my jack ass friend cranked the volume before i could even plug in my ipod, and while i started to accelerate i noticed a whistling/whining sound that followed the pitch of my RPM's. anyone ever notice that?