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amp wiring question


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March 15, 2004
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I have 3 amps im putting in my truck. 1 200 watt max amp, 1 400 watt max amp, and 1 300 watt max amp. the 200 and 400 watt amps will power speakers and the 300 watt will power a sub woofer. My question is how should I power these 3 amps? I have a 4 guage power wire running to the battery for the 2 amps I have already, can I get a 4 way disto block and safey power all 3 amps with this one 4 guage wire ? Or would it be safer to run a seperate power wire for the one the amps and just continue to use the 4 guage for the 2 speaker amps?

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A distribution block will be fine, just make sure to match the proper fuse with the proper amp.

They're like... $25 for a good one. Cartoys should be fine if you need it right away. I'd buy off eBay though.

I found one at circuit for about 25 bucks sounds good just gotta go down to indy to get one. I ive indiana I dont think we have cartoys here. thanks for the help!