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Anyone familiar with Eclipse audio stuff (fujitsu ten i think)


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January 18, 2001
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dropped by a local shop to see about boxes for the solo-barics I was thinkin about gettin. They sell all Eclipse and pheonix gold stuff. I really like the head unit he showed me and the subs too but I dont know much about Eclipse. He swears that the subs he priced for me will match the kicker 12" SL7s in volume and beat them in sound quality. He also says the square corners eventually tear because, well they're square. From what research Ive done everybody really likes the Eclipse unit.

So heres what I'm lookin at:
Use my 4x50watt amp for highs/mids (rewired with nice stuff)
2 12" 87121.4 subs in box
pheonix gold tantrum 600.4 amp
all RCAs, new power kit, dash kit, mounting hardware
installed for $2000+tax.

I was lookin at about $2000 for the kicker stuff with the pioneer headunit and 6 disc.

any opinions/experiences welcomed

thanks for listening and helping as I go on and on trying to pick the "perfect" system :D

if anyone cares this is their website: Radio Active Audio

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I had a pair of Eclipse 6X9 3-way's in my 84 S-10 Blazer.
I was not too impressed with them personally. Nice and clean. Good clairty but not too full and rich. Not a lot of low. The addition of a sub might have done the trick , but I never really found out.
Personally I would seek some thing else , but with sound / audio it tends to be pretty preferincially selective.

basically what I hear is that their head units are incredible for sound clarity and quality. Thats fine since my 4 speakers will be for my mids and highs. 2 12s should thump like crazy and be pleeeeeeenty of bass (for a saine person). The guy promised me these two subs would not be outdone by two kicker solo-barics. Goin back to have a longer discussion with them tomorrow morning.

I have the Eclipse 55430 HU and 5083 CD Changer. Used to have a 3650 five channel amp (when I first got into car audio). The HU's are pricey, but I would absolutely recommend them . And buy from the dealer. I had mine stolen 8 days after purchase, and with a police report, they sent me a brand new one! TWO YEARS LATER, my HU was cutting out on me. Took it to the dealer, sent to Eclipse and it came back 100% in w\full working order.
Their amps are super clean signal, but they are not known for bass. If you're getting a sub, the aluminums are great (not too pricey, and better than the titaniums for SQ).
My Eclipse review.......

I also have the eclipse HU mine is the older 5443 and I love it,I got it running my orion exteme 800 and it sounds awesome best system I have had by far,and it helps they are made by the same company,the only downside I have noticed is the HU skips a little more over bumps then my old pioneer:D

I'm runnin their subs.... 88120's I believe.... 2 12in aluminum DVC's.... Best sub I've ever owned

I had Eclipse stuff in my 1994 Bronco. I say had because the head unit was stolen. Until Eclipse gets rid of the ESN poopie and releases a removable faceplate unit. I am giong to stay away.

IMHO A crack addict theaf doesn't know what ESN is, he just knows that the radio with the nice blinking light in your truck looks like it will bring him a few bucks.

BTW, my stereo was stolen after Eclipse's replacement guarantee, so I got nothing. Also, compared to the pain in the butt of dealing with insurance and getting your car repaired the loss of a h.u. is nothing. I would rather my car not get broken into in the first place.