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Are 4R44E and 5R55E Interchangeable?

April 4, 2007
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97 xl
Explorer (4.0L) 95-01.........................4.......................4R44E, 5R55E

I've got a 97 4.0l with bad tranny. Have a line on a parts vehicle, 1996 4.0l with recently rebuilt tranny.

I don't know which transmission is in the parts vehicle. Is there a way to find out, and if not, are the two models interchangeable?

95-96 have the 4R55E. 97-2001 have the 5R55E. You might want to swap the valve bodies, or at least the solenoids. The EPC is different. The DTRS is different on the 98-up 5R55E. The 97 model has an extra sensor (ODS) on the 5R55E which the 4R55E didn't have. It's called the overdrive speed sensor.

Thanks for the information. I'm assuming then that a swap is possible with the exhange of those parts from one tranny to the other?

Yes. There are other threads here which explain how other people did it.