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AWD Transfer Case

1992 Navajo

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September 25, 2012
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1992 Mazda Navajo
Quick question about what I believe is the BW 4404 transfer case that is used in the 2003 Explorer AWD. I understand that this unit contains a non-serviceable fluid coupling that can sometimes lock up or go bad. If this happens is it possible to just put a new fluid coupling in place of the old one or does the entire transfer case need to be replaced. Thanks

You can replace the coupling.

1L2Z-7L499-BA should be the part number from Ford. But be sitting down when they give you the price and even if they can get the part. They are very proud of that coupler!
There are some aftermarket companies building them. The first one that comes to mind is Great people to deal with. The main reason for failure is running mis matched tire sizes. It will eat that coupling for lunch!

Thanks for the replies. I'm looking to buy a 3rd gen Explorer, (possibly AWD) very soon and I really just wanted to understand the system better because I work on my own vehicles.