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Best upgraded swaybar for 3" Body Lift???


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November 28, 2007
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I currently have a stock 99 xlt. I'am getting my 3" Body Lift put on soon, and 32's and really want to get a better sway bar to reduce body roll. I will not be going off roadin at all either. I heard the EE swaybar works really good but is it still effective even with the BL? If not can some post what sway bar would be best for me? Thank you.

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Body roll isn't that big of an issue for me, I completely removed my rear sway bar, it drives fine. I can go around corners at highway speed that I could take before I removed it. That is with a 4" suspension lift, raising my COG even higher than if I had a body lift.

I'd get your BL, then see how it drives before I worried about upgrading the sway bar.

And going off of what MountaineerGreen said, if you get some wider and taller tires and some stiffer shocks along with the body lift, a stock swaybar should be fine for street driving. Even with my 3" suspension lift, i still feel considerably less body roll due to my bigger tires and stiffer shocks. If you dont plan to offroad like you said, there is no reason to even remove the sway bar. But i agree with nssj2, wait and see before you blow your money. And be sure to post up pictures when the BL is on.

Why are you getting a body lift and 32's if you're never going off road? Building a mall crawler?
If you're worried about body roll, don't lift it.

The stock sway bars on your Explorer actually are pretty good sway bars. To get a firmer ride, replace the rubber bushings and install poly bushings. I would suggest using the black graphite impregnated poly bushings, as they don't squeek like the other colored poly bushings. replacing the rubber bushings for poly bushings is way cheaper than buying new sway bars.
Just my $0.02 :)