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Black Friday and Holiday sales


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..If you have coupons or links to great deals for Black Friday or for the Holiday sales put them here...

..I know a bunch of folks have been waiting for Craftsman to have their tool sales..:hammer:

Sears sent an email with coupon codes Sears5 & Searsfive. It's $5 off of $50.

The only decent Sears deals are the Craftsman 26-pc wrench sets, which are '50% off' (Which means 50% off the new, inflated $74.99 price, not the old $59.99 price they were just a few months ago) for $37.49 on Thanksgiving, and the Gearwrench 7pc flex-head ratcheting wrench sets for 66% off, $29.99 on Black Friday.

They will also have the Gearwrench 20pc regular ratcheting wrenches (non-flex) for 50% off, $49.99, but it's a better deal online with a filler item and using one of the $5 off $50 or $10 off $50 coupons. These are usually a Black Friday item, but last year they had them for the 50% off deal well into the new year.

The Craftsman 12pc 1/2" drive impact socket sets are 50% off for BF, $39.99, which is only a good deal if your store has any of the USA-made ones left on the shelf. The new ones are made in China and apparently pretty poor quality.

Most everything else is pretty much the same stuff they always have on 'sale' every year for the holidays. Good deals if you don't have them already, though.

EDIT: I went to Sears and checked out the 26pc wrench sets that will be $37.49 on Thanksgiving. The new Craftsman raised panel wrenches are ALSO now made in China, the same as they did with all the rest (Professional, Polished, Ratcheting, etc.). So, if you want the last of the USA made wrench sets and can find a USA-made 26pc set at your local store, this is a decent price.

Of course, this makes the point of owning Craftsman tools with the lifetime warranty moot, since if you exhange them, you'll likely get a China-made wrench in return, at least after they run out of USA-made wrenches in open stock.
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..Although I was looking for tools in cases (combined SAE/Metric) I really didn't see any special that stood out this year..

..The only items I did see worth buying are as follows and they are still on sale thru Sunday..;)

Pepboy's ..

..currently has this 24v cordless impact on sale in their stores this weekend for $69 and it's usually $129 out here...I personally bought one of these this summer and I am a happy customer with it..:biggthump


..Every holiday for the past 3-4 years I have gone to Ace hardware and bought a 13" Craftsman zippered 13" tool tote bag for $5..

..This year the had a combo pack of 1-13" and 1- 18" bag for $9.99...My prior bags have lasted so well and the addition of this new larger 18" bag was so impressive that I bought 2 of these long lasting sets..