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can't get a break. OIL ALL OVER.....

""( Just thought titansarrow should be really really sure it's the oil pan before
spending hundreds of dollars repairing something that might not be the problem. ) ""

That's exactly why I mentioned to check the Pan hardware and look at the Switch first.

Thanks for the info.

that's why I put my explorer on jack stands last week and used my brothers pressure washer and cleaned the underside really well. So now if I see any oil, tranny fluid or anti-freeze I should be able to find where it's coming from fairly easily.

I had to get all the mud off anyways and I had just removed the running boards the night before and wanted to clean the rusted area's up before I prepare to fix'em.

i appreciated it. but i didn't intend to spend that kind of money in the first place since it's all going anyway. i just wanted to find a a temporary solution if i couldn't readily do it myself.

but i will try tightening the bolts this weekend.

also, i only put in a quart of the oil sealer