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Check Engine Light/MAF


June 5, 2000
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The check engine light has come on my 94 Navajo. Also, the engine is idling roughly, and occasionally misses at higher speeds (both started at the same time). I scanned the diagnostic codes and got the codes 157 and 158 (Mass air flow sensor voltage low/high), but I don't have a diagnostic procedure to check to see if the problem is the mass air flow sensor, or just a symptom of another problem. I have already checked for obviously cracked hoses and loose connectors, but everything "looks" ok. So the question, is this likely the mass airflow sensor, or are there other possibilities to check out before replacing the MAF? Thanks for the help.
Roger King

Roger, your MAS probably just needs to be cleaned. I believe the instructions can be found on the following site: Dead Link Removed

Just a follow up. Probably should have just tried cleaning Mass Airflow Sensor first, but I just replaced it and everything works fine now. I guess I answered my own question :)

Roger King