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custom bumper


May 18, 2010
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charleston sc
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1992 ford explorer 4.0 4X
i have a 92 exploere xlt. and had a fender bender with a 3rd jen explorer and decided to make a bumper from hell. i hope you enjoy the pic's.














ill try to update the photos of the finshed bumper.

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lol i saw the first pic of the brackets bolted to the frame and knew this was gonna be good.

Your first gen really pwned that 3rd gen..... Guess that shows which generation of explorer was built tough.

Are you going to fully weld those seams so you can smooth the front or plate that bumper? Or are you planning on just leaving it looking like a bunch of pieces of inch square tubing stuck together?

Dang, with that bumper you DEFINITELY won't have to worry about those pesky 3rd gens getting in your way again, or any other car for that matter, or tree.. or small home..

Maybe you should invest in driver improvement classes.. Cause obviously you were at fault.

Consider things like better brakes and lighten the weight of that bumper cause your suspension will be hating you cause of the added weight.

yes i was at fault. there is no way around that!! as for shocks and springs. i want to get a ranchero lift, it has all brackets springs and shocks. one thing im having to replace every 6 months is the front wheel bearings, i have aftermarket wheels that are deep and change the load. and my bearings go bad about every 6 months!!! it sucks. i did some more welding on it to fill in the seams, and i am planing on plating it and putting tow hooks and a winch on it. i have extra steal and im going to make a rear bumper. and rock slides. this was one on those projects that was suposed to cost $100.00 for the steal then the person that was going to let me use his welder flaked out on me and i had to go out and get a welder, cut off saw, angle grinder, air drill, and about $65.00 worth of mig flux core wirer.

Just don't hit anyone with that new one. Next time it will be much worse than a crumpled up bumper and tailgate for the other guy.

im getting a newer truck in the next year, probley amother 1st gen explorer but with less miles ant the truck in the pic's is going to be a off road toy only


Wow, I think everyone wants you to weigh that ******* before you install it. Awesome work dude!