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    A nice off-road bumper option for those willing to fabricate a mounting bracket.

    Hey guys for any of you interested in custom offroad winch bumpers willing to fabricate mounting brackets I had really good success with this one made for a Jeep XJ and it's only $265 but really good heavy duty quality. I did have to cut the lower part of the body panel right above the bumper...
  2. B

    Rear Bumper from... England?

    Okay, so this is a random question, but I just found out that they sold the 2nd gen Explorers in England (it's kind of funny to see them with right-hand drive), and upon looking it up I noticed across the pond they got a different rear bumper than we do here in the States. See an image here...
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    Front Bumper - 2 Piece - upper needed

    long story. someone ran a stop sign - no witness and cracked my front bumper and now im stuck repairing it. FO1000600 and inner fender extension ( bought one already) so i am looking for anyone parting out an X or ST 4th gen or selling a painted Black front bumper. *dont feel like buying a...
  4. J

    Pre runner bumper cost

    For those of you that have gotten pre runner style bumpers made, how much will I be looking to pay a shop to make one for me?
  5. M

    02-05 Custom Front Bumper

    I recently just built this bumper for my rig, what do you guys think?
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    After Market Bumpers

    So I'm looking for aftermarket rear and font bumpers. I've done a little research and it looks like there isn't many options for off roading ones. Does anyone have some bumpers they're trying to get rid of, know where to get some, or have a DIY idea for it? Thanks
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    Have 02 EB Explorer and need parts, will 04 XLT Explorer work?

    I have an 02 Explorer and found on CL a 04 that has a blown motor... Wondering if I purchase that 04 and grab parts from it to fix my truck (Rear bumper, inside trim, luggage rack swap (mine has paint pealing) and maybe window motors... If color matches I'll swap driver seat b/c mine has tears...
  8. F

    Front bumper removal

    Most of it is straight forward with bolts or plastc screw push clips. But in front of the tires there are brackets that have me stumped. I cant seem to find any info on how these assemble or disassemble. Anyone with experience please help.
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    Re-painting bumper. Advice needed.

    So last weekend I decided to finally paint the front and rear bumper trim on the truck. It wasn't until the paint dried that I realized it was dark brown and not dark gray (now I know what color dark walnut is). Well i'm not happy with the dark brown color and I'm just going with black paint...
  10. D

    Front bumper, grille, head lamps Ford Explorer 2016

    Used front bumper, grille, head lamps wanted for Ford Explorer 2016. Full accessory.
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    Back up sensor bumper?

    I didn't even know the second gens had this option. I'm guessing it isn't just plug and play. Has anyone swapped one of these into their X? I personally wouldn't pay this much for a used bumper. But my local junkyard usually has 10-15 explorers, so I'm sure I'll find one of these eventually. I'm...
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    Bumper fitment

    I know there's loads of posts about bumpers but I couldn't find anything on this. I have a 96 explorer, my buddy has an 04 ranger edge. I have stock bumper on, he has his stock one with some added support and d rings. Just wondering if the edge has the same frame width as the explorers or...
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    99 explorer fog lights mod!

    Hello, Its a 99 explorer limited with a 5.0.... So I recently purchased after market fog light housing. There very similar to one of the jw speaker fog lights. There led. But I read that it's easier to remove the bumper to get the old housing out??? Do I need to do that and I also read that...
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    '16 EX LTD body/bumper question

    Does anyone know what the small almost circular "compartment door" is for, located on passenger side of front bumper? about 2 inches in diameter with an arrow head (line up) mark on it, pointing to 2 o'clock position. Tried to add pic, but maybe I'm not at that level yet on forum
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    For Sale Front License Plate Mounting Bracket

    Front License Plate Mounting Bracket. Sits on lower bumper. Taken off 2014 Explorer immediately after purchase. Will fit any 5th generation Explorer (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). License plate frame yours as well if you want it. $15, shipping included. Not the most exciting thing... but hey if...
  16. P

    Favorite after-market front bumper?

    I want to replace my front bumper with something that includes integrated driving/fog lamps. Looking for ideas for your favorite part. Paul
  17. B

    Front end collision repair

    Hey guys brand new here. Thought I'd see if I could get some help with this one. I just hit a pole and being as reactive as I am, I'm trying to get answers an hour after I wrecked. Ok so I know for sure I am going to need a new radiator, grille, bumper, hood, and the lower grilles. I also know...
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    Custom Front Bumper

    I got into a fender bender with my '96 Explorer Sport a few months back. I was just going to buy a stock bumper to replace the one I damaged, until I saw the price of a new one. I have always liked the look of a ranch hand bumper, but they don't offer one for an Explorer. I found this online...
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    Hello :)

    Just wanted to say hello. Also, just turned 18 a few months ago and got my first vehicle. It's a 1996 Explorer XLT 5.0. It's AWD so I want to set it up for mudding and crawling. I don't have a lot of money so I wanna build it slowly. Any tips would help! Lookin to put a custom bumper on and...
  20. Passenger Bumper Brace 2 Rusty

    Passenger Bumper Brace 2 Rusty

    Passenger side bumper brace rust through corrosion
  21. Passenger Bumper Brace 1 Rusty

    Passenger Bumper Brace 1 Rusty

    Passenger side bumper brace rust through corrosion
  22. Driver Bumper Brace 2 Rusty

    Driver Bumper Brace 2 Rusty

    Driver side bumper brace rust through corrosion
  23. Driver Bumper Brace 1 Rusty

    Driver Bumper Brace 1 Rusty

    Driver side bumper brace rust through corrosion
  24. D

    New member WTB 2001 front bumper cover

    Hello all! I am a new member but I have been reading explorer forum posts ever since I bought my X! I had a little spin out the other night due to black ice and hit a guard rail. If anyone is parting out an 01 explorer sport or sport trac and would want to sell me the front bumper cover, please...
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    2002 XLT little accident need help

    Only my second post here because I haven't had any issues. With recent snow I had a run in with a bank and it messed my bumper cover up. Need to know best options to fix this. Tight on money now. Unemployed school student.