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Daytona FL repairs

August 23, 2004
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Goose Creek SC
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1994 Explorer XLT 2 WD
Hi ya'll. I'm plugging away with 208k mi on my 2WD 94 XLT. Pleased as all get out she's getting 18mpg mostly hwy cos I travel & gas prices??? Getting her in the tranny shop next week to find and fix a slow leak. Is there anything else that oughtta be done at the same time. Someone suggested replace the engine seal "while yer in there".
My question is for anyone in my area knowing of a shop who likes to work on X's. I have piddly stuff like body work, exhaust mods, window repair I want done (or MAY do myself :confused: ). When I call and "interview" shop-owners if they like working on X's I get the same tired answer that they're mechanics and work on all cars. I didnt like that answer or some of the estimates!
Got any thoughts on synthetic oil at this point? She runs better with 20/50 than the usual.
I so appreciate what I read here although at times conflicting information has me and my ADD running for cover...
Thanks for any replies.