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Drain holes not plugged - water still in cabin

Joe DeVola

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December 12, 2008
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2004 XLT
2004 Explorer

I posted in here a few years ago about the problem of water in the cabin on the passenger side and I've read just about everything written by others with the similar problem. I've removed the wheel liner for the second time now and I know the hole is not clogged. I'm still getting a wet carpet. Can it be the evap pan overflowing. Where does the condensation leave the firewall?

I've also placed three separate rags under that upper most plastic cover above the passenger's feet and it seems as though the water is coming from, say, above a passenger's right foot, if that make sense.

Look for where the radio antenna comes thru the body behind the front fender. I had to use RTV to seal up the connection.