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exhaust help...

JCUZ - thanks for the words of wisdom dude !!

i hopefully will be getting a flowmaster 40 or 44 muffler 2 1/4 inlet to 2 1/2 outlet then 2 1/2 pipe from there out...

i have to look to see if they make that size but, im sure there is...

If not, the exhaust place should be able to open up the 2 1/4 pipe to suit a 2.5" inlet - they just use a pipe flanger to do it; it kind of stretches the pipe out more - that's what they did to mine anyway, to fit my 2.5" muffler into the 2 1/4" piping.

I would not go any bigger then 2.75" on an Explorer with the V8 and 2.5" on the V6.

I had 3" on a 5.2L V8 and in my opinion, the low end tq. was washy at best...Don't get me wrong, it was still good, but before I got it done I could punch it going down the freeway in drive and it would go, afterward, it bogged and took it longer to make the same adjustment.

guys thanks for your advice !!!!! i have decided on the exhaust that i will be installing...

FLOWMASTER 44 MUFFLER w/ 2.25'' piping from the PRECAT/RESONATOR
" w/e it is " all the way back, instead of the alternating 2'' - 2.25''. Then just for FLASH lol... a chrome tip i guess