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Exhaust Support Location?


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December 16, 2002
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'98 XLT V8 AWD
I'm currently trying to get my Ex back in working order after AAMCO performed a transmission rebuild. Long story short, I'm not happy with their quality of work and performance.

On a 1998 V8 Explorer, are there brackets that support the exhaust pipes as they pass by the transmisson? It appears that the exhaust pipe has a couple of brackets, one for each pipe, missing grommets and attachement to the transmission case. I could have sworn those brackets at one time were connected to the transmission case.

Also missing after the AAMCO visit was the dust cap on the bottom side of the transmission case where it joins the engine block and also missing are nuts for a bracket that hold a solenoid on the transmission outer casing.

The transmission is screaming when I accelerate...AAMCO claims its the catalytic converter, apparently they believe when they knock the catalytic converter everything shakes...which probably is occuring because of the missing exhaust pipe brackets. I would think a bad catalytic converter would also generate a screaming noise in neutral when you floor it. However, when I floor it in neutral the V8 purrrrs....

Any help is appreciated!


There are indeed exhaust pipe mounts where the pipes cross over the transmission cross member.

There is an "L" bracket that bolts to the transmission mount, and contains a rubber bushing to hold the exhaust hanger rods.

You can kind of make it out in these photos:


Thank you for the quick response! Thats what I thought. I just wanted to be sure before I open my mouth when I talk to the AAMCO owner. Customer Service is pretty much zilcho...