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Explorer speaker dimensions?

Put it in the back cargo area, cover it with a plastic bag to make it water proof, and call it a day. :D

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Stay away from the dual head units. They are the worst I have ever used. There are some name brands out there that are really cheap on price yet high in features. Go with a name brand instead. Been there done that.. The dual audio stuff is garbage..

Anyone know if I can get a set of Bose automotive speakers for my 2010 Explorer XLT?

Bose automotive speakers aren't really that good. I've listened to a car with Bose speakers and it sounded like a typical mid range system.

If you want a good sounding system, go with pioneer or alpine. If you want top of the line sound, focal would be the best choice. But the prices in focal speakers are insane.

Thanks for the info. I've never heard BOSE auto speakers. I have BOSE in my home and they are awesome. Another question, is there a spot good for speakers in the rear portion of an Explorer with third row seats? When we do road trips, my kids in the 3rd row complain about not being able to hear the radio.

Not too sure about the 06, but in all honesty, if you try, you can find something. You can try mounting them on the side panels or in the back pillars and just tapping in for power at the other back speakers. The Speakers can be mounted directly to the plastic paneling, and just put the original cover on them. Most 6.5" speakers have a cover.

I should have updated my info. I have a 2010 now. I traded in my 2006 for this. I found a single owner with low miles and I jumped on it since this is the last model year they made in this body style. I'm going to have this for a few years so I might as well modify it and make it work for us for a long time.

bose = blose. big time. I promise.

Biggest thing is, $200 speakers can sound like **** while $50 speakers sounds amazing for the price.

Amplify it! If you go with a cheaper amp, go way past the watt rating you think you need. Cheap amps are rated insanely high and never reach what they are rated for. More expensive amps are rated much more truly.

Example. Boat budget system I used a $100 Crunch 1600 watt amp. It has two 30 amp fuses. so..

14 volts X 60 amps = 840 watts. and at 70% efficiency or so = 590 watts. over 4 channels = 148 watts each. So most likely 80 watts or so RMS and 150 watt max per channel. Perfect for the 5 way kenwoods which I put in.
And for $300 budget system (4x10's in rear of the boat) it gets loud and sounds pretty good. A little lacking on smooth low end, but hey, $300..

Not bad.

I run Pioneers audio all around.

All door speakers Pioneer, Pioneer Sub, and about to buy a Pioneer headunit.