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Explorer speaker dimensions?


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April 22, 2010
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2001 Sport Trac 4x4
I'm new to the forum, so please forgive me if I'm in the wrong place, but I'm looking into getting new speakers, head unit, amp, and a sub for my 2001 Sport Trac. I know what sub I'm getting, I know what radio head, I know which amp, but I don't know about speakers.

What size speakers does the sport trac have?

And another thing: behind my driver side rear seat, is that piece of .... A sub? And tha lil black box an amp!? Pics up soon. I'm on an itouch right Now

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Go to http://www.crutchfield.com and under "Car Audio/Video & GPS" click "Outfit my Car." Select the year, make and model, and whether you have a factory or aftermarket car stereo. On the page that loads after this, it will list "Factory Replacement Info" near the top of the page on the left. It will list the depth of your stereo with size codes, and the sizes for your front and rear speakers. And, trust me, Crutchfield is never wrong. :D

The Sport Trac runs the same speakers the Standard Exploer.

It should be 6x8 for all four.

6x8, or you can also get 5.25 & 6.5 rounds with mounting plates/adaptors (make your own). 6x8/5x7 will be the easy drop-in solution.

Awesome. Thanks everyone. :D if anyone has any suggestions on what u should put in gimme ur ideas. And I'm on a budget :p

On a budget, try the Phoenix Gold RSD 5x7 Coax. I'm running them in the rear (of my Sport Trac). They sound great for the price. Is your budget 0-$50, or $50-100? higher? "Budget" often is a large range for different people.

well, im getting a dual radio head with the ipod dock built in, the MTX thunderfoam box with sub (gunna eventually replace it with a rockford fosgate shallow mount), and my right side speakers are about to blow so i want some decent ones, im going for quality not loudness. Oh, any thoughts on an amp? :D

I have a pair of Kenwood KFC-C6882ie 6" x 8" speakers in the front, and they weren't very expensive.

In the rear, I have a pair of Pioneer TS-A6872R 6" x 8" speakers that I got as an open-box buy at Best Buy for $20.00.

I usually don't mix brands of speakers in my car, but I was on a super-tight budget when I found the Pioneers. I got the Kenwoods when I finally had some more cash, and I had read quite favorable reviews on them.

Both sound good, but I think the Kenwoods sound a bit better.

Any amp ideas? :) want to have 2 tweets, 4 speakers, a sub, and a radio head. What should I look for when buying an amp

  • Do you want multiple amps? Or a 5-channel?
  • What is your budget?
  • What kind of sound do you want to put out?
  • Are you looking for average everyday listening or do you get crazy like some audiphiles?
Once we get some more info, a simple system can be designed.

I would like a multi channel amp. my budget is a lil complex, i will be buying one item at a time to avoid spending a huge amount of money all at once. But first a radio head, then amp, then speakers, then sub. I want good sound quality but what good is that if its not loud enough to share :) but ultimatly an amp for 250 or under would be great. I was gunna get a pair of Type R's for subs but idk what the popular opinion on those are.

Okay, well one 5-channel amplifier for some door speakers and simple woofer...

  • What size Rockford are you looking into? 10", 12"? You want to plan for your ultimate assembly, not what you have now.
  • As far as 5-channel amplifiers go, your cheapest and effective mid-grade product is limited to....
    • Kicker ZX700.5 - $280
    • Soundstream PCX5.600 - $300
    • They may seem like a lot of $$ out the gate, but if the power provided meets what you are looking for, then you are saving $$ and time by not having to install a second power wire and all kinds of other stuff.
  • For door speakers, do you want components or coaxials?
    • Rockford makes a good set of components for a good entry level price that is just a drop-in replacement. I will have to dig them up for you if you seem interested.

I was looking at Rockford, now I'm thinking a pair of type r's. 10 inch woofers are what I'm leaning towards at this point. Ant ya I hear you on amps, worth every penny if it's done right the first time.

And as far as speakers, I was looking at a pair of coaxials, but are there any advantages of a component system opposed to coaxials?


Hey do any of y'all know a company that makes a dual speaker box for under the back seat for a 01 sport trac?

Hey do any of y'all know a company that makes a dual speaker box for under the back seat for a 01 sport trac?

Speaker or Sub box?

It's easier and cheaper to make your own..

I want 2 10 inch subs under my back seat I don't have the time or space to make one myself does anyone know anybody that has made one or someone that has one for sale and I don't want it to go behind I want it to go under

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No one makes one for under because you'd have to take the seats out completely then put the box in and bolt the seats back on. That and if you use 3/4" mdf like recommended there wouldn't be any room in the mid section for air to move.

There are 3 prefab box options:
One 10 or 12 (shallow mount) Under the passenger rear
2 10's or 2 12's (shallow mount) behind the driver side rear
1 10 under the rear passenger (MTX Thunderform)

Unfortunately that's all for our vehicles. Believe me I spent months trolling the Internet. You CAN email or call people and see if they'll make one like you want but it won't be conventional, easy, or cheap.

Good luck.