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explorers flip over too much?


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February 13, 2002
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genevievemd said:
has anyone seen the episode of the simpsons , where homer has the tractor and it just randomly flipps over.. haha i think of that episode everytime i hear people taking about explorers..
There was another episode that I always think of when I think of rolling over SUVs. When Bart and Lisa steal the RV, and Marge and Homer were driving down the road in a hurry to get them and get caught behind some SUVs.

from memory:
Marge: oh no!! look at all these SUVs
Homer: don't worry Marge, there is a slight curve in the road ahead

Then they show an overhead shot as the SUVs go around the curve................and they all rollover and catch on fire, leaving the road clear for Marge.

I always loved that scene!! :D


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March 25, 2005
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Long Beach, California
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'94 Sport 2WD
briwayjones said:
I put wheels on the roof on mine so when it flips over I can just keep going.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i seriously laughed so hard when i read that. probably not that funny to others but i like to laugh at stupid stuff. haha