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floor vents always blowing


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July 23, 2015
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Sioux City, IA
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2004 Ford Explorer
I bought an 04 Explorer this summer and this morning when I needed the defrost. It wasn't clearing the windshield as fast as I thought it should. Upon investigating the floor vents were blowing too even though I was set only to defrost. They blow no matter where the setting is. Defrost or dash vents or blend. It doesn't matter they are blowing. I checked the two motor actuators and they appear to be working correctly. One opens when on defrost or floor and the other opens for the dash vents. The fan blows hard. I searched but all the threads I found referenced the plastic piece breaking off the motor actuator. One person said they had this problem and fixed it by blocking the ducts for the floor vents but I would like to use my floor heat sometimes too. Anyone else experience this and have a fix?

So you dropped the glove box and inspected the actuator up towards the stereo on the passenger side?

Correct. It is still connected from the metal rod to the plastic cam or whatever it is. I have seen lot of pictures of this being broken so that is the first thing I checked. There is also another one down lower and that one seems to be operating correctly as well.

Wonder if it's still connected to the door inside. I've not known it to break that high though. Try pulling the plastic piece out, toward the passenger side.