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Ford Fan needs help!


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March 20, 2011
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san feancisco
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93 xlt
I just got a 93 XLT got it home and it started having starter issues, ended up buying NEW starter,soliniod,and bat. and now the starter works but it does not engage the fly wheel. when i turn key all that happens is you hear my new shiney starter spinning free! I was told its most likely a damaged flywheel? but after inspecting the flywheel I see no broken teeth etc. would it be possible that Napa auto parts sold me the wrong starter? ofcoarse I looked at them side by side and it looks the same , my question , if the starter gear is not extending far enough to catch the fly-wheel maybe the starter I bought is for a Manual transmission and mine is an Automatic am I grasping at straws or could that be the problem ? and if not ....than what ? thanks for any help you can offer

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did you maybe forget to install some shims/spacers?

Thanks for reply, but I wish it was that easy no when I removed the old starter their were no shims spacers etc. .............

dang!! to bad. by the way i have done that myself thats why i asked. i have also hooked one up backward. reversed poles could cause it to run but not engage

not real sure about your particular year but yes the difference between manual and automatic could possibly be the problem

i retract my previous statement according to orielly auto parts no difference between manual and automatic. didnt think to ask the difference between 2 and 4 wheel drive that may also be an issue

Welcome to this forum! It sounds like you have a bad flexplate.