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front diff question



ok so a guy posted a thread and he was wanting to put a solid steel plate in place of his auto lock hubs and this brought up 4wd speeds....

im going to do warn manual hubs and a detroit tru trac up front.... how will this be on like pavement at full turn and locked hubs, wont the dif let the wheels slip as need being that its a limited slip? and 410 fortune, you said you drive highways in snowy and other cruddy weather in 4wd and its fine?

im only curious because i want to know if when i go to the desert or big bear if i can just leave the hubs locked all the time....

also i was in a parking lot the other day checkin to see if my t case was working and at full turn my truck surged weird cuz of the auto hubs im asuming but i dont understand why because its an open diff right?

i can understand how to build 3 links and 4 links, and how engines work, and almost everything on a truck but the front end of 4wd's confuse the crap out of me sometimes....haha

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Locked hubs/4WD on dry pavement is not good for your 4WD system. The 4WD system needs to slip, especially in a turn the front and rear diffs will be turning at different speeds, the driveline being mechanical won't slip. The tires are the only place for this slip to occur, thus a low traction condition is needed to allow the tires to slip. Dry pavement is NOT a low traction condition. Dirt, snow and wet are low traction conditions. 4wd + dry pavement = something will brake. AWD is a totally different story.

Hope this made some sense.

well i know the dry pavement isnt a good thing for it, i was on some dirt but i had to turn around on the pavement cuz i got out of the dirt.... but i went camping recently and had to make a hairpin turn and i was on dirt road and it still kinda surged but slipped more than a surge.....

i was just kinda curious about how a limited slip will react up front with both hubs locked on surfaces like rock and hard pack dirt and pavement too cuz sometimes i have to go across some pavement to get to the next dirt and i dont wanna have to get out and unlock my hubs every time....ya know?

Locked hubs and 2WD will be fine. You got pushbutton 4x4, right?

not to hijack this thread but I have a similar question....
I installed my Warn Manual hubs last winter and I love them. My questions is if I have previously locked the hubs can I still engage the 4wd at low speeds as I did with the autohubs? Up to this point I would always come to a complete stop before pushing the button

spdy0001 said:
My questions is if I have previously locked the hubs can I still engage the 4wd at low speeds as I did with the autohubs?

My advice and what a lot of serious wheeler do is run a selectable locker up front.

You have locker in the rear, correct?

I have a true trac in my front diff. I have stock manual hubs, for what its worth. The steering is quite different than with a open diff. In snow the steering is the quite noticable. In sand, I notice very little difference. On dirt and gravel the steering is most noticable. I feel like I can almost steer the vehicle with the gas pedal. The true trac will slip some, more than a locker less than an open diff. Turn radius is reduced, still acceptable. I like the true trac in the front, I believe it is a good comprimise between locked and open. It also a lot easer on the front axles than a locker.

< the guy who made drive flanges :thumbsup:

I made the drive flanges and they work fine (so far and yes I have been driving it more than usual to test it) at 65 it feels just like it did with the autohubs on it. in 2wd you SHOULDNT have too much trouble but with a posi/trac-loc setup it will still try to keep the wheels turning at the same speed even with no engine power applied. A locker should still disengage the faster turning wheel

with a trac loc I wouldnt leave the manual hubs locked all the time as clutches do wear in that type diff.

with a locker you should be ok as it will "unlock" the faster spinning wheel, you just get to deal with the noise with the hubs locked in

4wd is a COMPLETELY different story ;)

ya i guess what i want to do is just leave it in 4wd but the way i would want it i would need an AWD t-case and i dont think one will work on the M5OD 5 speed tranny haha