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FS:Indash TV screen: w/ am/fm/tv tuner

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September 5, 2002
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Louisville KY
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96 Eddie Bauer
This is a 6.4 inch size unit made by Lanzar. This unit is amazing in action...and it looks great in all types of vehicles. The clearity/pixcel quilty is the same as the Pioneers and a few less than the Kenwood Excelon. A friend of mine recked his Prelude, and needs to sell his Kenwood screen so he's taking a thounsand for his brand new Excelon. Here is what my brand new (never opened) Lanzar screen looks like and features:

-Motorized Eject/Flip-up LCD Monitor
-AM/FM Receiver & CD Changer Controller
-In-Dash Unit Appears To Be Standard Car Radio
-VHF/UHF Tuner
-RCA Jacks For Easy Hookup of     Video Player or Video Game System
-Audio & Video In & Out
-TV/AV Switch For Easy Switching Between Sources

I along with 25 other peple won this unit w/an indash dvd player for $750.00 which is an incredable price, on groupbuycenter.com . Lanzar claims they'll never go that low again. I know the dvd player cost $199.00, so I subtracted that from$750.00 and figured that I'd sell this unit for the difference. So do the math.

I will take $550.00 for it because if you were to buy it from Lanzar you'd pay $1,218.00 . Check out the price here on their website, It's the 5th picture down:
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Sorry buddy but I think your asking price is a bit high...
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Yea, I would be interested in it in a week or two but, it is way over priced.