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Full Foot Notch, Version 3, Rockwells and more

well here starts the 3rd version of my truck, right now the 1ton HP D60 was pulled, and the guy paid me for it, and then i paid for front and rear rockwells

so here is the planned setup for this version

-1992 explorer
-4.0V6 (when the engine goes ill decide what goes in, 350k logged miles and still goin)
-carried over from the last setup, chucks SAS hanger kit, and 12" lift springs, which puts me at 19" for that

whats new:
-Front and rear 2.5 ton REO/Military Rockwell Axles, Ujoint style axles
-4" welded perch/stand in the front
-larger perches in the back to compensate for the smaller springs, also welded
-Oversized Ladder bar setup to eliminate any axle wrap
-crossover steering, with possible later addition of hydraulic ram assist
-36" shocks all around(specifically the pro comp 9000's, but if you do research, they are the exact same as the ranchos minus the rancho sticker)
-Wilwood wheel/Hub brake setup all around, with a soon the be fab'd custom hydraulic/cable hybrid parking brake
-20x10" 7"BS custom Steel rims
-either 12.5R20 or 385/80R20 tires, the first one is 41 tall, and the second one is 46" tall, the lift should clear 46s

-later on down the road it may be 4linked in the rear, but thats another $2k to get done

should :eek: :confused: :eek: :confused: :eek: people :)

You always have the option to move to the end first and then go back and read from the start.

Just sayin

When i do mine (and i will) i will be going for full off road performance. Hydro front and rear, only pinion breaks, 48 or 49 inch tires.

Go with atleast front rotor brakes, many things are happening on pirate that makes them pretty cheap and more reliable. Pinion brakes are rough, mine grab at a slit touch on the pedal, i havent even wheeled it yet but can tell it is going to be a class in braking for sure. If your going with performance i would atleast run rotors in the front. I hope you have better luck on the tires too, when i went to buy my 47s, they didnt have anything but a 44 bogger, and besides that thier is a few other options for high dollar. Big tires are expensive and the companies that make them for us wheelers are focusing more on truck and car tires. :salute: