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FWD vs. 4WD

well u just said u r goin skiing therefore snow and hills. i would definitely get one with 4wd. or even an awd. fwd will do good in the snow, however, if u get into some serious snow and hills (which is always possible) the fwd wont do much of anything when ur bottomed out to the frame in snow. thats when u would hit the 4wd button or lever and get out of that mess quick and easy. trust me, its not fun pushing a big truck out of a ditch or drift in the cold. especially when its unexpected and your ill equipped. if your paying a lot of money for a brand new explorer u might as well get one with 4wd. i think u would regret getting a fwd. remeber that your gonna be well over 5000 pounds once u count for people and equipment and a full tank of gas. thats a lot of weight for just two front tires, especially in bad weather.

What if there's no frame to bottom out on? ;)

If snow is deep, this explorer isn't the smart choice to be out in...AWD or no. The ground clearance, especially front fascia, is just plain low.

I went with a 4WD. As must people indicated I probably don't need it, but for those few times I do now I have it.

Thanks for all the feedback.