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GM says its new SUVs are unsafe at any speed.


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GM Calls Its New SUVs Unsafe, Idles Plant


DETROIT (April 5) - Calling its new midsize sport utility vehicles unsafe at any speed because of a faulty suspension part, General Motors Corp. on Thursday told 6,000 owners to stop driving them until they can be fixed.

GM also said it was temporarily halting production of the 2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer, GMC Envoy and Oldsmobile Bravada SUVs, which went on sale this year.

The company has produced about 30,000 of the vehicles, among its most profitable trucks, but only 6,000 have been delivered to consumers.

Spokesman Mike Morrissey said the problem lies with a component in the lower control arm of the front suspension. The automaker has not received any reports of accidents or injuries from the problem, he added.

"If that component were to fail, it could cause a loss of vehicle control," Morrissey said. "We've captured a couple of incidents at the dealerships before the vehicles were delivered where the assemblies had failed."

Dealers will contact owners and arrange for the vehicles to be towed for repair, he said.

GM will idle the assembly plant in Moraine, Ohio, where the SUVs are made, until April 16 to fix the problem, affecting more than 4,000 workers. However, the plant will only lose six days of production, because it will be shut for four days in observance of Easter, said GM spokesman Dan Flores.

The midsize SUVs face a number of new competitors, including Ford Motor Co.'s redesigned Ford Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer and Toyota Motor Corp.'s Toyota Highlander.


Good to hear about something like this with OTHER car manufacturers.

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Well I guess I will have to pass this info on to some people at work

No, it's the Firestone tires.

Not terribly surprising. I'm sure GM wanted to get this out ASAP, they saw first hand what it did to the Explorer, even though it was not a direct-Explorer-linked problem.

Where have you been lately anyway Chief?

And why do you have a different car picked out everytime we talk? Pal you're almost as bad as me!


Don't look at my current signature. I've been traveling a lot, more than I ever have in my life. And this CL55 AMG decision has been finalized, I am getting the car. I'm also getting a Lexus a month later...

Talk to you hopefully soon. And Itz flipped when I told him about the Benz.