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Grabbers or Michelins....what you think

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I think you could get 55,000 miles out of the Grabbers. Now mine are a different tread pattern (street performance tread) but I have 40,000 on mine and they're not even half worn. And I haven't needed to even rotate them yet.

I'm curious as to why you think the Latitudes are going to last a lot longer than the Grabbers?

I'm going by warranty information and reviews I guess. The michelins are rated for 110 000 kms (68 000 miles) whereas the Grabber HTS's state 45-60 000 miles (or 72-96 000 kms which is less than the Michelins).

I didn't look extensively on tirerack but I couldn't find where they were rated for mileage.

It's on tirerack on the general hts page, under warranty....


I went for the money tire, the kind that keeps some in my pocket.

Giving the Generals a whirl, hope I ain't dissappointed!

I don't think you will be. :thumbsup: Hopefully I won't eat my words.

I don't think I will be either, they look like a good tire and should look good on the truck with the while lettering....I'm just hoping I get good life out of it like you guys suggest I should.

Where in Southern Ontario are you. I'm in the Toronto area. I'd like to see the Grabbers on your truck since I'm going to need tires by the end of summer/early fall just in time for winter :D

The most souther spot you can get (leamington)....can send you some pics after I get 'em next week if you like....

Pictures would be great. I'd like to see what they look like on the truck....I hate how I can never tell by the pictures the web sites have on how it'll look!