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Halloween and Haunted Houses


A Man Without Wheels
December 9, 2003
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Houston, Texas
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98 Eddie Bauer (R.I.P.)
Been awhile since I have visited a good haunted house. I hate the ones that are mostly pitch black and then some idiot with a chainsaw jumps out. Not like you can't smell that a mile away...

But I remember a few years back, someone rented a 3 story building in downtown Houston. It did costs 15 bucks for an adult, but well worth the money.

So have you seen any good ones lately?

What scares the willies out of ya?


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August 27, 2001
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Down by da river, hon
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North East, MD
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'95 Sport
Some of us are going to a semi-local place called Field of Screams (lancaster, PA) this weekend :D It unfortunately employs the dumb 'chainsaw-guy-jumping-out-of-the-dark' routine, but the walk through barn of horror is a hoot. There are several places where you have to crawl on your hands and knees through God knows what, in pitch black. I would love to find a haunted attraction that is designed to genuinely scare the crap out of someone instead of this kiddie BS though. Seems like there are just too many lawsuits (because of the ONE person who had heart issues :p: ) for halloween attractions to do something truly freaky anymore :( I've always thought it would be awesome to come up with my own just for friends and famiy... you know, find out what every individual's biggest fear is, then custom tailor situatins into a walk/hayride/whatever to scare the bejeezus outta them :D