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HELP! 4R44E or 4R55E what is the difference?


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March 31, 2012
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South Central Wisconsin
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1996 Explorer 4.0 4x4 2dr
I have been searching these threads for a while now but still lack a clear answer. Will a 4R55E trans out of a Ranger replace a 4R44E in an Explorer without it affecting the computer? Is the mounting the same? I have an early 96 (04/96 build date) I need a trans. replacement and it just gets more confusing as I go along. PLEASE HELP me find the answer.:scratch:

1996-up uses the OBD-II system so keep that in mind when you try to swap transmissions from older models. The 4R55E has extra clutch plates to increase the torque by having extra gripping surface area (similar to the 5R55E). There might be other differences as well.