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Help, my radio harness has been spliced


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October 27, 2011
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1998sploderxlt RWD 4.0OHC
There is a rat living beneath my dash, and it thinks it was an electrician. The previous owner butchered the wiring under the dash, and both original connectors have been removed. I own a 98' sploder xlt, with everything. The problem is that my constant 12v isn't constant, and all of my fuses are good. I think that the wire may be incorrect. My stereo wants to turn on, but the yellow wire on the stereo "aftermarket" has a fuse on it, also good, and is awfully think for just memory. When I connect a 12v constant source via alligator clip, it magically powers on, and works great. At first I thought that it was the radio, and returned it, under warranty, now I am convinced that there is another problem. The 12v on when key is on is good and all other wires correspond to the correct connections. The "so called" constant 12v only puts out ~ .50vdc, yes, ".50", not even a whole volt. First, I want to verify that it is the correct wire "need a diagram", and then I need a solution so that my radio will work. Why would the constant 12v be no longer constant? I checked here: However, I need a larger diagram, where does that wire go? where does it get power from? relay?



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My "so called" constant 12v is a green or ltgreen with purple stripe. I am getting some voltage from this wire, but no where near 12v. I do not know where this goes to troubleshoot. I have checked all other remaining wires with my multimeter, and have turned up nothing, no other voltage readings, in any of the other wires. I need my cig lighter for accesories, so I cannot simply splice into that. I wan to find the root of the problem and fix it.

most awesomestest link ever:thumbsup::cool: thanks a million

Might want to check and see if there is a break in the wire itself. A break in the wire w/o being grounded out i.e. a short, will not cause a fuse to blow. A break in the wire MIGHT explain your lack of sufficient voltage. Just a thought.