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History of the Aerostar.

Wow, Brooklyn Bay,
Great synopsis write up on a really great vehicle. I see I'm not the only one impressed with article, or Vehicle either, Huh? :chug:
My 1st Van was a 66 E-200 long wheelbase Econoline with a 67 Cougar "gut" sort of. Buckets & some Cougar Trim. It was 302 & C-4. Since it was an E-200it came with a 9" rear & heavier suspension etc. Called it "Henry" it only had front door windows & windshield, like 3 window coupe No Rear windows at all. First Aeros didn't do much for me but XLTNs lit my fire. I've had 3 since 1992.

Even those Aeros I wore out are better than most new "wanna Be" Vans & Mini's I see driving around today. Front Wheel drive isn't my thing at all. AWD is bad enough, but Front WD is verbotten!:thumbsup:

Good write up there Brooklyn Bay.:salute:

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rear suspension

QUOTE: "One noted difference is that the Aerostar had a 3-link coil spring rear suspension with a live axle, similar to the Ford Crown Victoria and Fox-body Mustang".

that's why it rides like a Crown Victoria and not like a truck.

Three other reasons I continue with the Aerostar are:

1) it is Rear Wheel Drive,
2) it has Shocks and not McPhearson Struts.
3) the engine is not mounted sideways.

I refuse to buy any Front Wheel Drive vehicle, any transverse-mounted engined vehicle, and any vehicle with McPhearson Struts.

I like real cars with real shocks, rear axle, and forward-mounted engines.


Jose A.

Hi Jose
I have had my Aerostar 2 years now. It's a 96. Bought it from a lady who used it as a day care school bus.... well maintained. She spent no money on the suspension.The first thing I did was replace all shocks with monroe gas shocks.Also new tires . I actually tried air shocks on back because I pull 6x10 trailer sometimes and it really made it too low back there.The air shocks did not work out .Air leaked out too often. I wound up with monroe shocks with the additional spring around them to help stabilize.I didn't notice any major help there. Next thing I did was replace all coil springs with Moog parts. The rear still seems wobbly and it still sinks down pretty low when I pull my trailer.Any suggestions other than a bigger vehicle . I do also own a Suburban , but I enjoy the 4.0 gas mileage as opposed to the Chevy's 5.7.

Reviving an old thread.

I saw an old lady driving one yesterday. Early model with sealed beams. Looked brand new!


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The only thing the aerostar is missing is a factory V8 option. Cool concept car though.

What a wonderful write up and story!

I remember when I was a kid, we looked at a navy blue Aerostar at the Ford dealership, I wanted my mom to get it so badly, but she didn't. Ever since then, I've always wanted one. Glad one of my "dream cars" came true.

I don't know WHAT I'm gonna do if I wear this one out. They'll probably be scarcer than hen's teeth by then.

I had an ‘87 and a ‘94, both purchased new with 3.0’s and 5 speed sticks. Great road trip vehicles with our 3 young children.

I made up a wood platform to take the place of the middle seat, height with a foam mattress was the same as the bottom cushion of the rear seat. Rendering the area behind the front seats a big bed.