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Is it a Saleen


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March 29, 2002
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There is a dude at my school with a Saleen Explorer, it is a burgundy V8. It has the whole body kit, bumpers and all. It has the racecraft suspension stickers and the Saleen Exhaust with the Carbon Fiber Tip (uggghhh). The one thing that i dont understand is that his tailgate says XLT and Saleen on it. Did Saleen leave the factory badging on or what, it is one bad ass looking truck and gets tons of looks. It is humorous to see the kids that think they know everything about cars walk by and say " what a poser, Saleen never made an Explorer", i just wanna ask them what hole they have been hiding it...probably ricers.

By the way here is my question incase you forgot while reading my painfully long post
The one thing that i dont understand is that his tailgate says XLT and Saleen on it. Did Saleen leave the factory badging on or what?

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not sure, but on the corner of the front bumper on the left, there should be a # like 03 or something, is that # present? Saleen anythings are specially #ed

the saleen x i remember, when i worked at a ford dealership, may have had the old badging on it . if you want to know whether he really has a saleen check out the interior. they had a lot of saleen inside, like tutone saleen leather seats, and a lot of carbon fiber. the ones i am think of were the 98, 99 or 2000 saleens. i remember we couldnt get them off our lot cause of the $40k+ pricetag. whatever.

yea, i forgot to mention, it does have the number and all, i kinda figured he could have gotten all the body kit from somewhere, but who knows.

Look inside at the dash and gauges. (The seats and carbon fiber were optional - by the way) There should be a plaque with the matching number on the console. Look at the gauges. Saleens had thier own gauges that they did not sell thru the parts department. It says Saleen on the speedometer and the numbers are in a brown color like this:


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I've never seen XLT emblems on the ass end of a Saleen. It usually says XP8 or XP6


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look through the window, see if it has a small plaque on the console about 3/4 in. high and about 3 or 4 inches wide. There's also plaque under the hood on the radiator support. You can find them that say s281, but as far as xp8 if it's got em the chances are it's real. These two pieces are hard to duplicate. They both come inscribed with the number of the vehicle. If worse comes to worse and you don't talk to him or you do and you don't believe him, Take the vin, and call saleen, they will tell you everything about the vechicle, when i was buying mine, they told me every single detail of the vechicle, without even asking me if i was the owner. Including window sticker price.

Originally posted by Black Magic
Why don't you just talk to the guy and find out?

I have been wanting to, but i never see the person, but never the less this is one bad ass lookin Explorer. Now that i think about it, i have seen him once pullin gout of the parking lot, it sounded pretty darn mean, not too loud just mellow. Maybe I will see him next week and get the info..

invite him to the site. at least leave him a tag under his wiper with on it. of all the saleens made, we have only like 2 owners here. we need more.