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Is this the ORIFICE TUBE location?


January 1, 2023
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07 Explorer XLT V6, Ironm
2007 Explorer XLT V6 4.0

Front AC blowing warm while rear AC is ice cold. ( blend door is jammed permanently to the cold side. Heater core completely bypassed)

I've been researching this issue for quite a while and it seems that this issue is caused by a clogged orifice tube.

I have been unable to find information online to the exact location of the orifice tube on my 2007 XLT Explorer. I have found some information on explorers close to my year and from what I can tell the orifice tube should be located inside of one of the lines that run along the firewall. Generally it seems It's where two lines connect.

I have taken some photos if someone can take a quick look and tell me if this is the correct location.



Our American trucks have the AC/heater box located on the right side as you are looking at it sitting in the seat. How is the Aussie truck configured? Picture below of an American truck underhood picture.

By the way, if you see Rick Knock tell him to "get to work"

The first one circled is a fuel line

The second one pictures is ac line but I don’t think that’s where the orifice tube is

It’s usually pretty easy to find because the section of ac line is straight for 3-4” and it necks down to fit around the tube

On v6 models in USA it is usually in the lower line below the ac canister