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Welcome to the registry for Wedgie 2.0, who has been affectionately named "Deuce"

From Shad's info to save keystrokes:

Here is the run down:

2000 Ford Explorer XLT 5.0L - AWD
Deep Wedgewood Blue
Gray Leather
Yada, yada, yada...


  • Transmission rebuilt at 160,000 miles, and filled with synthetic
  • Lifted 2" in front with torsion keys
  • Lifted 3" in back with Add-a-Leaf and Warrior Shackles
  • New Superlift shocks at 166,000 miles
  • 31" x 10.5" tires
  • As much rust as some southern trucks- she's clean...

Interesting fact- it was an XLT fitted with air-ride shocks from the factory. System was disabled with the kit and shocks were put on to avoid costly repair.

Next to Wedgie:




Today 1/28/11 was the first car wash.


And yes, it needs to be cleaned... :D


Um... This is going to be my biggest challenge to date.





But it's going to be fine. It's an incredible place to start- the steering wheel isn't even gummy or rolled. I'm very pleased with the canvas... :thumbsup:

Anyway, after the car wash, I snapped some pics for starting point reference.
So, here are our obligatory before pictures...






Door seams always oiled


Hatch looks brand new as well!


Nothing on the rocker seams ...but a paint chip :D


Rockers nice. No rust even at the back- just grime and ice. I think the mudflaps really helped...


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Wow- it's been a long time... :eek:

Amazing how life when re-arranged can take different paths. Some things remain the same, however.


As you can see, I still have Deuce, and still own a floor jack. lol!

New sway bar bushings going in tonight.

As you can also see, maybe- is that the reflection in the bumper is no longer of a Ford wheel. After about 15 months, the Escape is gone. Sort of disappointed in it, in both mileage and finish. It was beginning to make loose fit rattling noises, the transmission sucked, I always hated the exterior door handles (things like this bug me... :)) and with gas at $4.00 per gallon, the 22-24 ave. wasn't going to cut it anymore, especially with the 4 cyl engine since my wife puts in 100 gallons per month on average due to where she works. So, no haterz- but we bought this Prius on Saturday:


Took a trip about 20 miles north and back, and averaged 50.1 mpg when we got back. Fuelly says the hundreds on there are averaging around 45 mpg. That would rock out loud. That should help- gas savings pay for the car payment. Nice car- really nice. Yes, we did look at a Fusion hybrid, and combining the stories/lawsuits about mileage not being up to what they show and the price/feature difference, we decided to go with the proven tech and get the Prius. So far, very happy... We will still look at Ford for the next one, but they didn't get this one... ;)

Other than that, life goes on- cut grass, go to the park, clean stuff up, go to work... Hope everyone else is doing well... :)


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Yup, they were gone...


and joe IS still alive! figured you were suffering from twinkie withdrawl. ;)

Good to see you Joe! Hope all is well. :D

Joe, just never become that guy


A license plate like that is just asking for abuse.

No way- I just told my wife tonight "don't turn into one of those Prius people..." :)

twinkie withdrawl? I just bought a tray of melting chocolate and sliced almonds in preparation for the re-release of Twinkies... :D

Look everybody, Joe has poked his head out again! :eek: :D :p:

How long until the interior of the Prius is spread across the garage and hanging from the floor mat clips at the local car wash?

Yeah, Ford has been getting a little hammered on the fuel claims on certain vehicles. We still have (and like) our Escape. It just rolled over 10,000 miles. My wife drives it just a few miles each day. It's small- but we have the Explorer or even my VUE as well. The 3.0L V6 isn't the greatest in the city, but is capable of 25 or so on the highway (which it doesn't see much of). The AWD and factory Michelin tires have proven to be a great combo in the snow. My dad just bought a 2010 Mariner- he had a 2005 Tribute that he put 180,000 miles on with only minor repairs.

The interior of the Prius had better not get to teh point of needing to be split all over teh garage... :D

Yeah, we just weren't willing to take a chance on the Fusion hybrid, although I'd have rather had the electric only on 55 mph roads if needed, since the Prius doesn't go that high on electric. Oh well- with what she drives for work, we'll be saving $200-$300 per month on gas alone, and the payment is lower than it was on the Escape. I fully expect $4.00 to be the new $3.00 for gas. If we ever consistently get below $3.50 I'd be surprised. Not enough stink being raised about gas prices anymore.

Right about those Michelins on the Escape- they are really, really good in the snow- it was a tank, albeit an anemically slow 4 cylinder tank. lol!

I'm sitting in the garage in front of the Prius comparing blues- the Nautical Blue on the Toyota is really nice... Makes my hyper-waxed Deep Wedgewood look tired... :D

Well, tonight I replaced the sway bar, end links, and put in new sway bar body mount bushings also. When I put in the last ones the bar had been rusting, and had telescoped out some rust to where the bushings would sit, about 1/8-3/16" thick, creating problems in seating the bushings. So, I just went up to the junkyard and picked off a new swaybar and put everything in. Much better. No more popping.

...and Deuce is for sale. Check the For Sale thread...