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Joe93's 91 build up( d44 & 9inch swap, roll cage and more)

Well I purchased 91 explorer 4x4, 4 door, 5speed from a coworker for 100 dollars. It had an electrical fire inside. So the whole inside was pretty much trashed. I got it with the plan to build it into a weekend warrior. The plans include Herculined interior, roll cage, full width dana 44 and 9 inch swap, custom bumpers, onboard air, rebuild motor, trans and some other things. This project will take me awhile. I want to take my time and do it right the first time. Everything i wanted to do to my 93 will be done to this 91. So it make take some time to see any major changes but I will update as offten as I can. I would also like to hear some of your ideas if you have any. I will be making a list of things that i have done and how much the cost me. I want to keep the cost down as much as possible. Pics will also be added as i go along.

Things Done So Far
91 Explorer- 100 dollars
Rewired and replaced dash.- 40 dollars from the junk yard.
Painted interior and leftover interior panels flat black- 20 dollars
Herculined the floor- 40 dollars
Dana 44 and Ford 9 inch- 150 dollars
Disc brake caliper brackets off a 78 mercury - 10 dollars
Chopped the top- Free
Upgraded the front seat from a 99 eddie bauer- 20 bucks

These pics are the old dash





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whats missing here? Well this should be gone next week i hope and then the real fun begins. :D

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What are the plans? I guess I missed that part.