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Keyless entry


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February 7, 2004
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'98 Explorer Sport
My explorer didnt have keyless entry when I get it. Can I just go to a ford dealership and will they install keyless entry for it? Also how much will it cost. A place here will do $90 installed for keyless entry

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Are you sure you don't have it? Does your X have power locks?

If it has power locks i'd go with a aftermarket alarm/keylless system. Not a dealer installed system.

The add-on keyless entry keypads are selling on ebay for around $85.00.

No I just want the thing you press to lock it. My explorer has power locks. I wonder if they could just sell me the keychain thing you press. I know those sell on ebay for like $5..

Before getting yourself a remote, put you key in the ignition with all the doors and liftgate glass closed, then turn the key from off to on without starting the engine 8 times and ends at on. If your doors lock then unlock, go to Ebay and get one that has 3 buttons. The buttons should have an icon of Lock, Unlock, and Panic on each button. Don't get the ones with the words on it like "LOCK", "UNLOCK", or "PANIC". Good luck.