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Lifted Sport Tracs Picture Thread!

Some pics from the two years ago... I don't think I've posted them before. :p:







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john u dont run a cb ?
Of course I do. It's required at big Explorerforum Offroad Runs.

I have a magnet mount at the back of the cab near the 3rd break light. I liked that because I can unscrew the whip and store it. But, when I am in the woods like Spring Creek it gets knocked over. But, it's good for the runs out West(Moab, Arizona, Truckhaven).

You can see it in this pic just above the 3rd brake light. I dremmeled out a small hole in the 3rd brake like to have the cable go into the cab. And used some silicon to seal the hole.


Newbie here...thought i'd add to the fun! Great pic's by the way--some serious mods out there.

Ah, she is an 03' purchased new, still only 70K under the skirt (in truck years i believe that equivicates to a 21 y.o. southern belle). Anyway, after a recent replacement of both front hubs (originally I did a full TT and added a rear leaf spring bracket to level it out), i went ahead and had installed a 4" superlift. So far so good, drives well thus far. Some lite trail riding...nothing like John_Rock :thumbsup:

Hopefully in the next few months (okay when we're out of this recession) i'd like to add some larger tires and maybe a body lift, i just don't want to go overboard, i communte back-n-forth from Canton to Nashville to do the kid-swap, so being somewhat roadworthy is a must!

Anyway here she is...i'd like to add a roof carrier, any suggestions?? Take care.

Sexy man LMAO j/k, Btw are you going to make the last meet in louisville in july?

I know i havnt been on here in a while, didnt know if it was posted over here or not.
:dunno: I hadn't thought about it. Hmmmmmm. I've only gone to the meet in 2002.

My truck at the 2002 meet on the lawn at LAP.


She was much prettier back then. No rust and not many scratches yet. :)

Front and rear brush guards, PIAA extra fog lights, roof crossbar lights, 4" superlift, procomp 285/70R17 xtreme M/T, BlackRock wheels, Eaton elocker on rear diff. K&N intake, Flowmaster 50 dual exhaust.




Here are a few of mine...








2wd, with no lift in rear and 2" TT in front wheels are265/75/16 running on MB Torque 16x8

thats a beauty

Ooohhhh, that was close..

Ooohhhh, that was close..
:p: Eh, that was nothing. :D The good stuff never gets caught on video. I scraped the rear driver's side door on a tight left turn during the Saturday night run. :thumbsup:

It's always a challenge following the shorter wheelbase Explorers/Jeeps on tight trails.

@John_Rock awesome ride but your photography are exceptionally stunning. :thumbsup:

Darkside, I think you have one of the best looking Tracs on here. Welcome to the site! I'd like to see more pictures of this one.

Is your winch an M8000? Any issues?

Thanks. The winch is/was a 6k warn. I tried to wire up a new control box for it today and to my dissapointment, nothing worked. The winch finally gave up the ghost and I removed it. Ill get another one eventually. I still havnt seen another trac with a hide away like mine. Got a roof basket coming tomorrow for it. I plan on a basket/kayak rack roof combo.

I've seen it on another. There's actually a project on another site for an M8000 winch mounted between the frame, that's why I assumed. It looks good and is on my short list of things to do.

So is the basket/kayak roof rack. Looks like we're headed in the same direction. I'm just a bit behind.

I knew I'd be saying it later, but I sometimes wish I had gone with 33s, just for the look. The 32s I have work perfectly and I have no issues with rubbing but sometimes I wish I had just dealt with some rubbing and trimming. It doesn't look like you have spacers or small ones; am I correct?

No spacers. They rub the frame just a bit. But not as bad as my 315-75 procomp x t's. That's why I went with the 305s this time.

Oldish thread but I want to play

2002 ST

3" body lift
285-75x16 Cooper Discoverer STT tires
Plastic cladding painted black

And so far lot's of fun!

What did you do to prep and whatd you use to paint the trim?

Lightly sand the cladding I think I used 150 or 200 grit, and use the Dupli color bumper paint and adhesion promoter. Autozone, Advanced auto, oreilleys, etc all sell this paint. Takes 4 cans to paint all the cladding. And once your done you can touch it anytime for a brand new look.

hows it hold up with normal wear?

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Great. I get rub marks on mine cuz i have to jump and climb into my ST. But I can also spend about 30 minutes on prepping the cladding and then just touch them up and they look brand new again. Best mod I did for looks especially when I try dodging trees on a trail and miss. And it only costs about 30 bucks to do the project the first time. Then just keep a can in your garage for touch ups.