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Lucas oil products-What's your thoughts?

glfredrick said:
I am a fan of the proper Luber Guard in the electronic shift auto trannsimssions. Almost every rebuilder in the workd recommends it. It was originally developed to convert lower Mercon transmission oils to Mercon V specs.

Intresting: could you tell me where I might get some of this "Luber Guard". I think My Transmission was Serviced with the wrong fluid so I'm looking for the Mercon V Additive. Or would I be better off to switch to Synthetic?

I am a firm believer in synthetic ATF.

Good luck ....

ATF additive for manual trans?

I had my manual trans rebuilt at 150,000 miles because it was getting hard to shift into 1st when hot. It was good for about 1 1/2 years, then the same probelm started coming back. I switched to Mobil 1 synthetic ATF and it helped, but its not perfect. Is there an additive that might help?

That Lucas additive sound interesting. I too, am suspicious of most additives. I would never add anything with Teflon in it, like some products. They only clog up the works.

My problem may be more of a thermal issue than a friction issue, since it happens on warm days, after the trans has heated up.