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Maybe fuel injector?


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October 12, 2008
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2002 mountaineer
Hello All,
I have an 02 Mountaineer. My check engine light came on after getting fuel in SC. Cheap price ($2.25 gal) Cheap gas! I had Auto zone read the computer and said misfire on cyl 1 and 6. I cahged the plugs to no avail. Now I have swaped the coil packs from cyl 7 and still running really rough. I put seafoam in the tank and no improvment. Now I have started unplugging the fuel injectors and noticed a drop in rpms on every cyl except no.1. How do you go about finding the problem with the fuel injector or replace it. Thanks for your help.

After moving the coil packs did you run the vehicle for a while and have the codes read again. If it is the coil pack then the error code will follow the coil packs.