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Metal on metal sound behind drvrs dash


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March 16, 2013
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Woodstock, GA
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04 Ford Explorer 4.6l
Update: the noise is from the engine bay. If I press down on the master cylinder the sound can’t be made. (I can make the sound by hitting the tire.) If I lift up on the master cylinder, the sound just changes. Pressing on the metal brake lines changes but doesn’t prevent the sound. The master cylinder is not loose. Something inside the brake booster?

When I’m driving around, I get this very faint metal on metal sound near my knees behind the dash. It’s almost hollow sounding not quite like a bell.

When parked, I can take my foot and let it slip off the edge of the brake pedal and the sound will occur. I don’t know that it’s related to the brake pedal at all as much as that motion is causing the sound.

Anyone else experience this and know what it is? I haven’t taken the time to look at all yet.