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My Explorer vs. Honda Accord

Driving around town last week, I was approaching a red light and coming to a stop when suddenly my truck got slammed from the rear right corner. Some woman making a right onto the street I was on looked to her left, saw she was clear, and failed to look to her right before making her turn and rapidly accelerating - right into the corner of my rear bumper. She hit me pretty hard, hard enough to move the rear of the truck and for me to let a string of profanity fly as I pictured the potential damage.

When I got out I was shocked to find her front end looking like it had been chewed on by a yeti - completely ruined bumper and hood - while the damage to my rig was relatively minor. My rear bumper was pushed 2 inches to the left, the right corner of the bumper was bent in a little, and the tiny piece of fender under my tail light was bent up. All in all, pretty minor, considering what her car looked like. Another benefit of having a lifted vehicle - when people hit you, they go under.

Her insurance is covering it all. She remarked to me how she was upset because she just got her front bumper fixed from another accident a week before. :rolleyes:

This truck is a tank. Explorer 1, Accord 0:

My damage:


Her damage:





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I have Progressive, and they've been great.


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They really were a pleasure to work with. It couldn't have been an easier or smoother experience, considering the circumstances. It also helped that the Progressive office was a mere 50 yards from my apartment building.

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And take pictures if you show up to Kia in a hamster suit. :D

Take a boombox. Ask to test drive a Soul. Does anyone have an idea how f'ing hilarious that would be? OMG... Doo... dah... dippity. :D