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My journey

[MENTION=81804]4pointslow[/MENTION] yeah! very hard work!!

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If you are not moving in 1st gear and must use 2nd to start moving, you must check the rear one-way clutch. Early versions used a nylon cage to support the iron wedge fingers. Sometimes when overused, or shifting to try to get out of mud or snow, the cage melts and becomes soft as cheese and actually lubricates the fingers on the race. Never holds again. The newer replacement part has a metal cage instead of the nylon one.

Well, truck is... ready?

I took it from the shop, and turn around for a test

All looks good

I drive about 50km in the city, all looks good..
Driving to home (I live in a city live 80km away from the capital, where is the shop), in the highway, I got the f****ng od/off light blinking...

to be continued...

Sounds like the torque converter clutch lock up... most likely.
TCC solenoid?

Clutch tries to lock up at highway speeds and when it has an issue, she flashes quicker than a coed.

[MENTION=158730]Robman[/MENTION] i'll check it, thanks!

Bilnking O/D light

Blinking O/D light should mean there is a code in the PCM for the transmission.

Today, I note that the coolant reservoir was empty..
I open the radiator cap and, dammit!! water and dino fluid mixed...

"I blow the head gasket" think to myself...

I'd check the motor dino fluid, and all right...

suddenly I felt cold in my back,,,

I'd check the tranny dino fluid and... DAMMIT!!! the same dino fluid-water mix of the radiator!!!

My tranny was rebuild 1000km ago!!!

I think that I'm done... this is the end of my journey...
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Today, I note that the coolant reservoir was empty..
I open the radiator cap and, dammit!! water and oil mixed...

"I blow the head gasket" think to myself...

I'd check the motor oil, and all right...

suddenly I felt cold in my back,,,

I'd check the tranny oil and... DAMMIT!!! the same oil-water mix of the radiator!!!

My tranny was rebuild 1000km ago!!!

I think that I'm done... this is the end of my journey...

Replace the radiator and flush the trans, trans cooler and lines. It may not be ruined.

Replace the radiator and flush the trans, trans cooler and lines. It may not be ruined.

The truck is in the shop now.

I have no idea when the coolant and tranny fluid was mixed, but if my guessing is right, it was on last monday or thursday.

I road about 50kms with the mixed fluids.

The mechanix remove the pan, remove the filter and left the tranny fluid slip down a few hours.

Also, he will drop the coolant, and will refill and drop with water 2 o 3 times.

Then, he will put the pan back, and will refill with cheap ATF, will turn the engine on, drive a few blocks, and drop-refill again, 2 o 3 times...

I'll change all solenoids and will take off the valve body for cleaning

Sadly, the radiator arrive to my city on next monday

Wish me luck

Ok, here we go, again...

New radiator, flush and clean the water system.
I take out the tranny pan, and let it drop fuid 1 day.

Refill fluid
I disconnect the cooler line, and put it in an empty bucket, meanwhile the dirty fluid come out, I refill with new one

After sprend about 10 gallons, the fluid seems to be clean.
Again, pan out, new filter, new gasket
I refill again, this time with Mercon V
All gears engage ok, all looks fine

Went out to vacations with my family
Drive about 300km, all looks normal

But, today, we up a long hill, after a few kms, the revolutions went up, tranny slipped and the truck didn't had power at all.
Pull over, the tranny was dropping the fluid profusely!!

The fluid was drooped over the exhaust and begin fire!!
I had to use all fire extinguisher!!

The trunk open cable and tranny selector cable was melted, I can't open the trunk!!

Was a very hard time.

Luckily, the fire was down.

A tow crane rescue us...
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Holy cow, that truck has been a nightmare for you. I guess now you can say its over and bury it. Time for another journey, and hopefully a better one.

I'm still in the vacation site, in the beach.

With a local mechanic guy, we had evaluate the damages

Like as said, the tranny cable and the trunk cable melted.

The hose between the intake and the brake booster is melted too.

A couple of vacuum hoses, the one which go the egr is melted too.

A spark plug cable is also semi-melted, I insolate it with a garden hose.

After repair it, I turn on the engine.

The idle is rougth, but if I unplug the egr vacuum hose, the idle is almost normal.

I supoust that a sensor was damaged, and the computer is opening always the egr mistakenly.

Once the engine is warm, with the egr unpluged, the idle is ok.

I did check the tranny fluid, and refill about 1.5 litres.

Go down to the truck, and manually put the tranny in Drive.

The truck moves, and in Reverse move too.

Drive about 2km in plain way, no leaks at all.

Where the tranny is being lost pressure and fluid?

Tomorrow, Ill try to return home, avoiding the hills, and no more than 2000rpm
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Sure, but what happens when the truck is parking and closed?
Anybody can open it, and steal fuel or make piss inside...:thumbdwn:

The fuel filler tube has an anti-siphon block in it so a tube cannot be slid down into the gas tank to siphon fuel out.

However, locking gas cap or not, anyone could still take a wrench and loosen the hose clamp on the filler tube where it attaches to the gas tank, pull the filler tube from the tank and put the siphon hose directly into the tank from under the vehicle to steal gas. At the standard ride height of an Explorer, this is easy to access without jacking the vehicle up.

Your average gas thief used to stealing gas from even older vehicles might not know to do this, but many vehicles have had this filler tube block for years so it's not obscure information any longer.

On the other hand, some manufacturers could have started putting anti-siphon blocks on the tank themselves now too, but I know my '98 doesn't have one, was how I drained the tank.
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Update: The XLT bring us to home.

Before to begin the return to home, I found a tinplate, I put it down the tranny, between the catalytic converter, to avoid the fire, in case to new fluid drop.

Drove the first 100 km, about 90-100kmH speed, and pull over in a service station, to check.
When I was breaking, suddenly the break pedal turn it hard, and listen an air leak, the brake booster its gone...
The fluid was fine, so, carefully I continue the travel...

When I take again the road, I feel the tranny response worse, less power (though I tried to no accelerate beyond 2000RPM)

100 km after, actually in the high way, pull over again, check, all fine, no drops.

In the last toll booth, very near to home and after 3.30 hrs travel, my kid want go to piss, so I pull over and wait him, with the tranny in D and breaked...
When he return, the trcuk didn't move...

I turn off the engine, go down, and put the tranny in P... turn it on the engine again.
Since it was very warm down there, I was trouble to found the D position, so the only which I found was 2.
Since I was near to home, I drove that way.

The tranny had very low power...

Luckily, we arrive home!! when turn it the engine off, the tranny drop fluid.
I can see that it is dropped from the top of the tranny

The is, so far, the damage report:

- Tranny gearshift cable melted
- Trunk open cable melted
- Brake servo
- 01 spark cable melted
- A couple of vacuum hoses melted
- EGR valve, or EGR sensor, or EGR selenoid
- Windscreen-wiper motor working bad
- Hose which carry the water to clean the Windscreen, melted (don't know the english name)
- Air conditioner not working, cables melted I hope
- Trunk shock

And the tranny, which condition is uncertain...

Found an 2001 4.0 ranger donor, with 4x4 and manual tranny


Some expert in the matter can tell me, it will fit?
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Shift cable, changed
Trunk cable, changed
Brake servo, changed

Egr and A/C, working again

All done it by myself!! I'm a big man now!!

Tranny fluid refill

I Drove it in the city, all seems normal...

Tomorrow, I will take it to the tranny shop, 80 km highway trip..

The tinplate still down, between the tranny and catalytic converter, just in case..

Also, new fire extinguisher..
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Dammit! the tranny need a new master kit...

I can't decide if repair again, put a manual tranny or set it fire...

XLT is back to home..

New master kit, the shop guy make me a big discount.
And also, new solenoids.

No check engine light, and no o/d off blinking so far.. I drove 100 km

I felt a strange noise in the front left wheel.

The shop diagnosis: CV joint and front wheel hub bearing assembly.
Also, the upper control arm bushing was bad

Just the windscreen-wiper motor is left to change...
The windscreen-wipers were in vertical position...

I always have felt the explorer suspension rough, even before the TT lift.... maybe I need new shock absorbers?