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Need Advice on Slight Lift For my 2004 Sport Trac


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October 29, 2009
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Howell, MI
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2004 Explorer Sport Trac
I am trying to add just a little bit of lift on my 04 Sport Trac. I have some Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac 265/75/16 on it and am looking for just 2-3 inches of lift. I dont want to do this if its going to tear stuff up. Any Ideas. Please help.

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You can get 2" safely on the front by turning up the adjustment on the torsion bars. The rear will need longer shackles. I'm assuming you have a 4x4...........

O4 Sport Trac

Yes it is 4x4. I sent email. I am no mechanic, but can wrench. Is it something I can do and what will I need?

Do some searching on the site, you just need a socket and ratchet for the torsion bars and you can buy warrior lift shackles, part# WAR153 I believe. You can lift your 4x4 no more then 1.75" with the torsion bars or you will tear up your CVs. The lift shackles will give you about a 2" lift in the back. I have this lift on my truck and the same size tires.

Thanks Friend.

I will do some more reading, but would help with a wee bit of direction. I looked on that site and did not see the Part #153 on the Warrior site that is. I will look some more but any help you all can give is appreciated. Thanks:salute:

Good Advice

Thanks, any idea where I can get some how too's on the 1 and a 3/4 on the front with the torsion bars. Also I looked on Warrior site for the part WAR153 did not see it, can I get them at Auto Zone or any other place like that? Thanks again.

Did you read the links I posted above? They show how to do it. If you change the rear shackles just take it to the alignment shop and tell them you want to raise it. It's a simple matter of tightening the torsion adjustment bolt on either side. It will have to be aligned after adjusting it anyway.

The part # is not 153 it's WAR153 and if you Google that you will find plenty of vendors selling them for about 65 bucks. I made my own so I can't recommend any one vendor. The links above are good instructions on how to do to TT/shackle lift. Autozone sells lift shackles but they looked crappy to me. Mine are made to the same specs are the Warriors and they are very strong.

Also, for about $300 you can buy a 3" body lift. Installing the body lift is a lot of work though. The company that makes it is called performance accessories. They make the kits specifically for a Sport Trac. Just a warning, the torsion twist will make your front suspension more stiff, some people don't like that. I personally like it better then stock. I changed the shocks, sway bar end links and did the TT lift, shackles and wheels that make my tires stick out an inch more and my truck is stable then it was when it was stock.

I really appreciate all of your guys time and advice. I am still debating whether to go with the TT and Shackles, or get the 3"body lift. I am wondering if 1 3/4 inch of lift is noticeable enough for the work and then having it realigned. I will be doing one of the other and will post pics. Thanks again friends.

The torsion bar adjustment will certainly make a difference. I have a 2wd with the torsion bars cranked to give me 2" with 265/75/16 and it looks great. Look at the last post in lifted trucks above.

Your welcome and you can most definitely notice the lift.

Sorry to jack your thread but can 35's fit the rear? What if I got longer shackles? I didt want to stray another thread and it's sorta similar to your question......

35s? You will need the body lift.