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Need electrical schematic for '96-'97 302


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August 21, 2009
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'00 5.0 in an '82 Volvo
I am doing an engine swap and am running face first into PATS issues on my '00 302 V8. James Hinson has turned off the PATS in software but we are still not getting fuel pump relay operation and signals to the injectors. We may be moving to installing a '96-'97 pre-PATS PCM. I need to verify that such a swap is valid. Parts lists show '96-'97 and '98-'01 PCMs as two separate listings.

If anyone has knowledge of such a swap I would certainly appreciate a comment.

If anyone has the Ford Wiring Diagram book for '96-'97 I sure could use the Engine Controls (5.0L) pages, Section 25 in my '00 book.

Maybe check with FAXON online? They carry most of the OEM Shop Manuals. They've been a big help to me with my old Fords and Dodges.

Thanks for the response but I got the couple pages I was looking for. If anyone needs some information from the '00 era electrical schematics post here or send me a PM.