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Need Help ASAP, Low Oil Pressure, Strange Leak...


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January 3, 2012
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2018 Explorer XLT 3.5L NA
So last night I was driving, and under acceleration my 02' Explorer 4.6 bogged down, and the "hi temp low oil" illuminated and the oil pressure gauge bottomed out. It started to knock as I pulled over. I shut it off and found zero oil on the dipstick. So, I have it towed home. Add oil and test drive it. 10 minutes into the ride the temp gauge fluctuates slightly in the middle of the gauge. Then, once again, hi temp low oil and no pressure on the gauge. So I stopped, checked the oil-still full. Was hoping it was the oil pressure switch so I replaced that, and did an oil change when I got home. Fire it up afterwards, everything looks and sounds fine, no rattling or knocking, revving was normal. After 5 minutes of idling in my driveway I crawl underneath to find this. No idea where this is coming from. Coolant level is fine right now, looks good. Same with oil.



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Is this a rear main seal issue? Head Gasket?

Does look like the rear main seal... :( maybe someone else will chime in.

one of the most common areas for both coolant and oil to be leaking is the oil filter adapter gasket. look closely around the area of the oil pressure switch you replaced. an engine leak just about anywhere will collect on the rear of the oil pan due to the slant of the engine and the airflow around it due to the fan.
if you dont see anything obvious clean it up real good and go for another drive and see if you find the leak on a clean engine.
good luck

Update, Coolant was from leaking manifold. All replaced. The second issue at hand is still the low oil pressure intermittently. Driving casual it does not happen. I have a rattle at 2300 rpms but goes away at all other RPMS. Idles normal, runs nice, no check engine light. Stop in the driveway, gauge bottoms out on oil pressue and check gage hi temp comes on. Rattle gets worse. I shut it off and start it back up, runs normal.